James Warfield

James J. Warfield

CEES’s motto of “in it together” recognizes the inextricable link among economic, environmental, and social well-being – that’s a perfect match for Jim’s multi-faceted business, environmental, social behavior, and legal education, experience, study, and teaching.  Growing up in the construction and real estate development business, Jim worked as a laborer, construction superintendent, project manager, managing partner, and general counsel.  While at the University of Chicago Law School Jim contributed to the first Comprehensive Zoning Plan as assistant to the general counsel of NYC Planning Commission; upon graduating he became a Teaching Fellow at Boston College Law School.  As a vice-president of Bedford-Stuyvesant Development & Services Corporation, Jim was a member of a team that guided the planning and redevelopment of the Commercial Center of Bedford-Stuyvesant Restoration.  Jim served as chair of the Sierra Club’s Long Island chapter and as president of a Westchester neighborhood association.  Most recently Jim earned a Ph.D. at Columbia in biological anthropology studying primate behavior in Kenya, Gibraltar, and Cayo Santiago, PR with a focus on infant-mother attachment behavior.  Until recently, Jim was a volunteer assistant professor at the Institute for the Study of Child Development at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, UMDNJ, having published on primate attachment behavior in the American Journal of Primatology and appearing in an American Museum of Natural History documentary video on the same topic. He taught Behavioral Biology of the Living Primates for four years at Columbia as well as courses on conservation in the CERC Certificate Program.  Jim applied this diverse experience as a lead author of The Rainforest Standard and its RFS Protected Area Credit protocol, one of CEES’s important contributions to forest conservation and climate change mitigation. Currently Jim is active in the Forest Carbon Initiative, helping to implement RFS demonstration projects and updating RFS protocols based on demonstration feedback.  Formerly Executive Director of CEES, Jim currently continues his administrative role as Deputy Director.

In the last 40 years, more than one billion acres of tropical forests have vanished, equivalent in size to over half of the continental United States. The rate of cutting, burning and clearing shows no signs of abating. more »

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