Forestry and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

FAO’s vision for sustainable agriculture sector production systems requires integration across the sector and of social, economic and environmental considerations. It  focuses on ways to ensure the transition to sustainable practices. FAO’s activities focus on:

  1. increasing resource use efficiency, to achieve higher productivity with reduced levels of inputs, while minimizing negative externalities;
  2. managing ecological, social and economic risks associated with agricultural sector production systems, including pests, diseases and climate change;
  3. identifying and enhancing the role of ecosystem services, particularly in terms of their effects on resource use efficiency and response to risks, as well as their contribution to environmental conservation; and
  4. facilitating access to needed information and technologies.

[Photo: ©FAO/Hoang Dinh Nam]

The web-based tool helps countries to improve the assessment of forest carbon stocks, necessary for mitigation of climate change. more »

Nov 19, 2015 12:00 AM Features